Health Insurance Coverage

The process of finding affordable health insurance coverage doesn't need to be a stressful or complicated one. Let us shop and compare quotes from a variety of different providers for you! Most of these providers can also be found listed throughout our website and guarantee a quick and easy insurance quote which will cover your entire family! Shop around and get quotes from multiple companies to save the most money every month. Below we will also list some helpful tips you should keep in mind when comparing different health insurance providers.

Know Enrollment Periods - Open enrollment is the period of time when you can enroll or change your coverage without a qualifying life event. This period changes yearly, but usually runs sometime between November and February.

Understand Tax Obligations - If you choose to go without any health insurance then it's important to know that you could face a tax penalty. In 2014 the tax penalty for not having insurance was $95 for individuals, or $285 for families.

Watch Doctor and Hospital Networks - Always make sure you understand which doctors and hospitals are going to be accepted by your new insurance coverage. Health plans can often limit your coverage to networks of preferred doctors and hospitals and might charge you more for using out-of-network care.

Whether you currently have health insurance or not, getting a quote through our website is the first step needed to start saving and stop overpaying for your health coverage. The entire process is quick and takes just a few minutes to complete. Stop waiting and obtain your completely free health insurance quote online now!